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Online Store and Payments Capture for Schools

Be the Payments Capture Gateway!

A unique way to

Earn comissions while schools process payments.

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Deploy as many School's Cart as you need, cancel anytime.

No more cash between teachers and students.

Collect donations, fees and dressdown online.

Easy to use panel, full control over raised funds.

Next day payouts to your linked bank account.

Non profit rate of %2.2 + $0.30 per transaction.

Sell unlimited tickets, apparel, and school items.

Easy tracking and teacher assigned inventory.

Brand your school store with custom domain name.

Fast, mobile reponsive design and SEO ready.

Community driven more features coming soon ...

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How to deploy

Four steps to be up and running:


License your School's Cart once and deploy to any cloud hosting.


Enable Stripe Connect to collect commissions from deployed carts.


Publish your School's Cart with us or with external cloud hosting.


Setup your comissions, and your school's payment dashboard.

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